The Plays

Dalkey Players have put on a wide range of productions in the past, and have included works by Friel, Wilde, Miller, Shakespeare, Chekov, Carr, Behan and Churchill.

The Archive of Past Production is currently under construction, but soon you will be able to browse all Dalkey Players Productions dating back to 1976!

Productions: Past & Present

The Beauty Queen of LeenaneMartin McDonaghAileen Byrne2018/2019
Growing Old (Dis)GracefullyLua McIlraithLua McIlraith2017/2018
Grimm's Fairy TalesPhilip PullmanEmma-Jane Nulty2017/2018
The Cripple of InsihmaanMartin McDonaghGerry Clabby2017/2018
Dead Man's Cell PhoneSarah RuhlEmma-Jane Nulty2016/2017
DaHugh LeonardGerry Clabby2016/2017
Jane EyreEmma-Jane Nulty2015/2016
Molly SweeneyBrian Friel
Life Begins at SixtyAileen Byrne2014/2015
Year of the HikerJohn B. KeaneAileen Byrne2014/2015
Tick My BoxEmma-Jane Nulty2014/2015
Dead Man's Cell PhoneSarah RuhlEmma-Jane Nulty2014/2015
BookwormsLua McIlraith2013/2014
Jane EyreEmma-Jane Nulty2012/2013
Love, Loss and What I WoreNora & Delia Ephron2012/2013
All My SonsArthur MillerAileen Byrne2012/2013
PizzazzNorman McCausland2011/2012
The Colour of GrassLua McIlraith2011/2012
The Odd CoupleNeil SimonJohn Walsh2011/2012
SiveJohn B. KeaneEmma-Jane Nulty2010/2011
After PlayJohn Walsh2010/2011
ThreeJohn Walsh2010/2011
Joseph O'ConnorEmma-Jane Nulty2010/2011
An Easy Guide to our Past and Present Productions

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